Prayer Room Dedication at St. Elizabeth

Prayer Room KubalaOn Monday, March 26, the beginning of Holy Week, a dedication was held for the newly renovated Prayer Room, located on the third floor of the Outpatient Pavilion.

A Crucifix, special ordered from Italy, now sets atop a stone modeled after the Golgotha, a site immediately outside Jerusalem’s walls where Jesus was crucified.  On either side of the Crucifix are stained glass windows, which were left behind in the Phelan Mansion and kept in good condition by the nuns. The stained glass windows have been restored, mounted, and up lit.

This beautiful work was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Mark Kubala, a devoted Catholic, a long-time neurosurgeon with Golden Triangle Neurocare, a dedicated supporter of the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Foundation, and most recently a published author (The Execution of Jesus the Christ).

Dr. Kubala made a generous donation to the Foundation to purchase the crucifix, as he wanted the Prayer Room to be more representative of a Catholic facility.

Prayer RoomMary Williams, granddaughter of John Henry “Harry” and Johannah Phelan, spoke of the importance of the Catholic faith to her grandparents, the emphasis placed on faith during her upbringing, and stories of her childhood.

Bishop Guillory gave the dedication and Tommy Frank, Foundation Board Chairman, gave a special reading. The event culminated with words from Dr. Kubala.

“We are so grateful that patients have a beautiful, peaceful place available to pray for loved ones undergoing treatment in the hospital,” said Foundation President Ivy Pate.  “Thank you, Dr. Kubala, for your immense generosity. Your dedication to this project is awe-inspiring.”

The Prayer Room is open to people of all faiths and denominations. It is a place of peace and calm where all patients, families, and staff are welcome.

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