Free Breast Pumps for New Mothers

The Evans family has a particular health insurance that does not offer breast pump coverage and were unable to afford to buy one. The CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Foundation was thrilled to be able to offer this amazing gift.

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Foundation has teamed up with the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth Outpatient Lactation Clinic to offer free breast pumps to qualifying patients. Stacie Jones, Lead Lactation Consultant, gave some insight into the Breast Pump Gift Program:

“In order to comply with our Baby Friendly Designation guidelines, we are to provide resources for families to help them successfully breastfeed. With approximately 60% of our mothers returning to work after 6-8 weeks, a double electric breast pump is essential for continuing breastfeeding during this transition. A small population of patients is unable to obtain a pump through private or medicate insurance providers and do not have the means to purchase a pump for home use.

We are grateful to have received funds from the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Foundation to initiate the Breast Pump Gift Program to ensure every mother has a breast pump for home use at discharge. Providing a breast pump can increase the length of time a mother breastfeeds, thus extending the many health benefits of mother’s milk for mom and baby.”

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