Annual Appeal

Now, more than ever, we are counting on you to support CHRISTUS’ very own “Harvey’s Heroes.” Will you donate to the CHRISTUS Hospitals that unwaveringly supported the community throughout the devastation of Hurricane Harvey?

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Photo 10 nurses in helicopterCHRISTUS Southeast Texas Foundation works to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We are able to continue this mission year after year because of caring community members like you. Because of you, we have been able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Southeast Texas residents through the purchase of lifesaving equipment.

In the past year alone, we have purchased:

3D Mammography – state of the art cancer detection machines for the women of SETX

Transport Stretchers – transports critically ill infants needing special care

Panda Warmers – warming and resuscitation devices for the tiniest and sickest infants in the     Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Early Detection Devices – monitoring and vital sign devices for the patients in the Cancer Unit

In the coming year, we are raising donations towards:

Vital Sign Monitors – Used to monitor our tiniest patients in the nursery

In-House Transporters – Used to safely transport our newborns within different areas of the hospital

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CHRISTUS Hospitals stayed open and operational throughout the worst of Hurricane Harvey, using scarce medical resources to treat an average of 200 patients a day.
CHRISTUS Hospitals also took in evacuees, caring for them by providing medical attention, food, water, shelter, and emotional support.

During the week of Harvey:

  • 706,000 gallons of water were trucked in
  • 2,500 Emergency/Trauma patients were served
  • 100 nurses were bused in from other CHRISTUS Facilities
  • 79 babies were delivered
  • 9 major surgeries were performed


Photo 8 CHRISTUS planeCHRISTUS nurses, physicians, first responders, and administration went above their normal duties to answer the call of compassionate care during the Hurricane Harvey crisis.

Our nurses and physicians took boats and dump trucks to get from their flooded homes back to the hospital to care for their patients.

Our nurses who were already at the hospital when the flooding started chose to stay and care for patients, knowing that they would not be able to return home and check on their loved ones or for several days.


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